Steve King Files New Amendments

KINGIA_264 – Transgender bathroom policy

Prohibits implementing a policy on Capitol Grounds which encourages, allows, or requires any individual to use any bathroom other than the bathroom of the individual’s biological sex.

KINGIA_265 – Bars employment of those unlawfully present

Prohibits any employer on Capitol Grounds from hiring or otherwise employing an alien unlawfully present in the United States.

KINGIA_266 – Empowers Capitol Police to enforce immigration laws

This is the same language as SK’s bill, H.R. 3928, the “Ending the Sanctuary Capitol Policy Act of 2015.” The bill and amendment would authorize Capitol Police to make arrests and enforce immigration laws on Capitol Grounds to the same extent as other law enforcement agencies.

KINGIA_267 – Allows lawful carry of firearms on Capitol Grounds.

Prohibits Capitol Police from preventing Members or staff from otherwise lawfully possessing a firearm on Capitol Grounds.