King Earns Iowa Legislators’ Endorsements

Wall Lake, Iowa – Congressman Steve King announced he has received the endorsement of Iowa Representatives serving in the 4th Congressional District. The Representatives are Speaker Linda Upmeyer, Rob Bacon, Terry Baxter, Brian Best, Tedd Gassman, Pat Grassley, Steve Holt, John Kooiker, Mike Sexton, John Wills, Matt Windschitl, and Gary Worthan.

“To have the endorsement of these excellent legislators, in addition to the State Senators who’ve voiced their support of my re-election, is significant,” King remarked. “We have serious issues facing us at the state level and nationally; I know I can rely on these representatives to protect, defend, and advocate for Iowa values we share – respect for life, traditional marriage and family, 2nd Amendment rights, and fiscal responsibility. I do the same in Congress and look forward to the honor of doing so again.”

Legislator Endorsements

I have appreciated Congressman King’s commitment to the Constitution and conservative values over the past years he’s represented us. I heartily endorse him for this upcoming election.
– Representative Rob Bacon, Slater

Congressman King has been a consistent champion of conservative values and agriculture issues that affect all Iowans. While others are politically motived thinking only of themselves, Congressman King has not wavered in his fight for the Constitution, life and defending freedom. He is not afraid to speak up and to speak out on important issues even when they are unpopular. I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t cave in to pressure from the Washington establishment. I whole heartedly support Congressman Steve King in his re-election bid.
– Representative Terry Baxter, Garner

Congressman King is a strong conservative who has Iowans’ best interests in mind while he is in Washington. Steve has consistently stood tough for Iowa agriculture and has worked to strengthen our rural communities. He is an effective leader for the Iowans that he represents and he is a good friend of mine. I would ask my friends and neighbors to support Congressman Steve King in the June 7th Republican primary.
– Representative Brian Best, Glidden

Steve King is the same person here as he is in Washington, DC. What he says and does here, he does in Congress as he represents us. My grandfather, Senator Grassley, is known for his Iowa work ethic. Steve has the same attitude and works hard for us in Congress. I’m glad he’s my Congressman, proudly endorse him, and will vote for him on June 7th.
– Representative Pat Grassley, New Hartford

I think Steve King has done an excellent job representing his constituents in the 4th District. I fully back his reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives.
– Representative Tedd Gassman, Scarville

Congressman King has been a tireless advocate for the values that built America, and his dedication to restoring our founding principles is the most vital work that any elected representative could perform. He is fully aware that nearly every challenge facing our state and nation could be solved by once again embracing those values that made us great – faith, self-reliance through hard work, and limited government. If Congress was full of elected officials who shared the values and courage of Congressman King, our nation would be on a much brighter path.
– Representative Steven Holt, Denison

I met Congressman King in 1998 during my first year as a State Senator. During my years serving with Steve and in years since, I have witnessed the strength of Steve’s Iowa values through his unwavering Christian faith, his commitment to small government, and his defense of our Constitutional rights. I look forward to helping re-elect Congressman King this fall to continue his representation of Iowa’s 4th Congressional District.
– Representative Mike Sexton, Rockwell City

I’m proud to have Steve King as my Representative in the U.S. House because he is a principled conservative who stands firm in his commitment to Iowa values. He is effective and energetic, giving his all to represent the interests of his District and Iowa as a whole. He has an unwavering commitment to life and liberty as well as renewable fuels, national security, and fiscal responsibility.
– Speaker Linda Upmeyer, Clear Lake

I want to go on record as endorsing Congressman Steve King for the office of U.S. Congressman. Steve has worked effectively as our Congressman and brings excellent credentials to this position. Steve upholds our values and desires and is one of the few in Washington D.C who does what he says he will. We are truly blessed to have Congressman Steve King represent us in Washington and I think he is the best person to represent us in the future.
– Representative John H. Wills, Spirit Lake

Steve King is tried and true Constitutional conservative. He is a dedicated leader and his position on issues is never in question. His voice of reason and conservative principles is heard throughout our great nation. We need leaders like Steve King in Congress who will continue the fight for true conservatism and not cave under political pressures.
– Representative Matt Windschitl, Missouri Valley

I am supporting Steve King because, for the last 14 years, Steve has been a stalwart for family values, life, American sovereignty, and fiscal responsibility in the United States House of Representatives. Steve’s values and dedication to the rule of law have served this district and the country well and with his unflagging dedication, Iowa’s Fourth District will be well served by returning Steve to Washington.
– Representative Gary Worthan, Storm Lake

King enjoys the support of Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator Joni Ernst, Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, as well as State Senators Bill Anderson, Dennis Guth, Mark Segebart, and Jason Schultz. King received the U.S. Chamber and NFIB SAFE Trust endorsements along with the Iowa Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture designation.

King serves on the US House Agriculture, Judiciary, and Small Business Committees. In 2015, he was named Chairman of the Executive Overreach Task Force by Speaker Paul Ryan. King has long chaired the Conservative Opportunity Society (COS), an organization founded by Speaker Newt Gingrich and others in 1983. COS is the leading voice for Constitutional and conservative principles in the U.S. House and represents one of only a half dozen seats at Speaker Ryan’s discussion table each week.

Congressman King is the founder of King Construction. A former small business owner, King resides in rural Sac County, Iowa, with his wife of 43 years, Marilyn. The Kings have three happily married sons and seven grandchildren; all the Kings live within 10 miles of each other.